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We are a division of Web Partner Group (www.webpartnergroup.com) which provides information and communication technology services.   In 1999, Web Partner Group began working in the non-profit sector developing websites and web-based applications.

While participating in capacity-building grants, we met hundreds of non-profit organizations and learned firsthand the information technology needs in this sector.   To help meet these needs, Web Partner Group formed a non-profit division, Non-Profit Website Solution, which helps non-profits with websites and web-based applications. Today more than 25,000 organizations use one or more of our applications

In 2008, Non-Profit Website Solution launched its website for the non-profit sector.   Web Partner Group takes a social entrepreneurial approach to the non-profit sector by subsidizing the services of Non-Profit Website Solution.   Our business objective is to help the non-profit sector understand, implement, and sustain successful web-based information technology at a cost every non-profit can afford.

Non-Profit Website Solution has raised the bar across the board and set a new standard for non-profit websites and integrated web-based applications.   Few, if any, companies offer such a comprehensive list of integrated applications and, as far as we know, none can compete with our price.   Few companies even publish their fees.

We are redefining the word "partner."  We invite you to review our Commitment and learn about our services.  Please contact us if we can be of service.

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