Commitment to Non-Profits

Non-Profit Website Solution is truly a one-of-a-kind partner. What makes our solution unique is that it is not only a comprehensive solution but also an affordable solution.

Set-Up Fee
You pay a one time only $299 setup fee.

Website Design
We are committed to designing great websites and provide 40 hours of professional website design - generally enough to create a 5 page website.

  • There is absolutely no obligation on your part to continue with us.
  • There is absolutely no obligation on your part to pay for the 40 hours of design.
  • There is no contract that activates if you do not cancel.

Additional Design Fees
You may want additional website design help and our professional designers are available at $20 per hour.   Costly design fees prohibit many non-profit organizations from utilizing professional designers on their websites.   Our commitment to non-profits is reflected in our fee.

Annual Review
Website technology, application upgrades, and marketing trends are continually changing.   Our commitment is to review your website and make recommendations - once a year - at no charge.

Integrated Applications
Our commitment is to provide the best website and integrated applications for your organization at an affordable price.   Today web-based applications integrate with websites to improve efficiency and outcomes.   Our commitment is to keep our clients on the cutting edge of technology and we are confident you will see that reflected in the integrated applications we provide.

License and Hosting
We provide our non-profit solution for a low monthly fee of $34.95 which is billed after the month of service. This fee includes your website, email addresses, hosting, and integrated applications - a complete solution for your organization.

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