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Promotion and marketing is about building relations with partners, supporters, clients, donors, foundations, and others.   

Building relationships begins with your website because it is a reflection of you.  It reflects who others see themselves building a relationship with.   This is why we take the time to understand your audience and your mission.  We emphasize and tune that reflection with design, graphics, layout, colors, pictures, and content.

Next, we provide search engine optimization so people searching on key words or phrases will visit your website.   We can use articles, press releases, and blogs to reach more people. 

Few people partner, support, or donate on their first or even second visit.  Some may enroll in an event, subscribe to a newsletter, request additional information, etc.  Being able to get their name, email, and phone with web-based forms will help you build your contacts.

Building relations is a process.   We allow you to create beautiful and functional HTML emails and newsletters (or we can do it).  We also allow you to organize your contacts by group so you can send targeted email for announcements and special events. 

With a click on one of your emails or announcements, people can be completing a form that adds their information directly to your database, purchasing a ticket to your gala, or donating online. 

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