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Marketing Emails

You have probably received impressively designed emails from other organizations. Many of these emails have included the same design as the organizationís website. Some of these emails may include a special promotion or link to an event that you can click to take you to the relevant webpage or enrollment form.

The Marketing Email application allows you to create, manage, and distribute graphic emails and target them to a specific audience. With Marketing Email, you can use the same types of tools you use to maintain your web pages to create powerful emails that promote your organization and website. The emails are created the same way you create a web page with all the colors, images, and layout choices that the Site Builder provides.

We also include a powerful Group Manager that allows you to organize your contacts into one or more groups. With the Group Manager application, you can create and manage email lists for distributing your marketing emails. With a few clicks, you can connect a specific email to a specific group. Plus, all mailings are tracked in the Contact Manager. This makes it easy for you to create impressive emails and target the right audience.

Edit Marketing Email Screen - Marketing Email Application Interface

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