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Website Design

Our specialized web designers will create a custom website for your organization. We offer professionally designed custom websites utilizing a Website Management System, which provides the best solution for the non-profit sector. We like to use the term Web Management System instead of Content Management System because our applications have evolved to encompass more than a website and more than the content that comprises a website.

Our Website Management System integrates a website with custom forms, database applications such as Contact Management Systems, Marketing Emails and Newsletters, security, and search engine optimization. These applications are as easy-to-use as a word processor. With our Web Management System you can have a custom website, flexibility, great features, and save money by maintaining it yourself.

We can design most 5-page websites in the 40 hours of free design time. We will design your website and then assist you as you enter content and maintain your website. You will learn how to add pages, content, pictures, links and more - as easily as creating documents in a word processor. Should you ever need help with graphic design, Flash, or some specialized image creation expertise, we are on call for $20 per hour. This means that cost will never be a barrier for your organization having the website it needs.

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