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Custom Forms

We design a great website and we increase traffic to your website, but that is not enough to increase capacity. When people visit your website, we must engage them, identify who is interested in your organization, and capture their name, email, and phone number.

Visitors can subscribe to a newsletter, request additional information, register for an event, or respond to a survey. In each case, they enter their contact information in a web-based form. You will be able to build these forms by identifying the information you want to capture and flagging certain information as required.

Information from the form is stored in your database and can be used to contact these visitors through emails, newsletters, announcements, special promotions, and special events.

The Form Builder can create the following forms and many others based on your specific information requirements.

Contact Us: We recommend using a Contact Us form rather than publishing email addresses on websites because email addresses are searched for and sold to junk mail houses. We can build a custom Contact Us form on which people can submit their contact information. That form can also be customized to provide additional types of information requests.

Subscribe: A form to allow registration for your newsletter can be incorporated into your Contact Us form or it can be a separate form on your website.

Information Request: Frequently, non-profits extend the opportunity for visitors to request additional information. We can create a special form for this or make it part of the Contact Us form.

Questionnaires/Surveys: Forms to capture customized questionnaire/survey information can be created and added to your website or can be included in your Contact Us form.

These forms are easy to create and modify. The flexibility and power of these forms to adapt and grow with you will be an enormous value in promotions, newsletters, and fundraising.

Edit Form Builder Screen - Form Builder Application Interface

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