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Custom Website Design

We provide your organization with the best of both worlds by designing a custom website that you can manage yourself.

A one-of-a-kind custom website will be created for your organization and then we will train you to edit, manage, and keep your website current - saving your organization thousands of dollars.

To facilitate the design process, one of our account managers will work with you to guarantee continuity and coordination through all aspects of your website development from concept through final design, search engine optimization, custom form integration, training, and more.

World-class designers will create several concept designs based on the information you provide us and discussions with your Account Manager. We provide 40 hours of free website design which is generally enough to complete a 5 page website. Your custom website will be built in a Website Management System which will allow you to edit and manage your website.

After the 40 hours of free design, we can provide expert design services at $10 per hour so cost should never be a barrier when you are ready to update your website

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