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Search Engine Optimization

When you search for a word or phrase in a search engine (like Google), you generally get pages of results.  Most of us will only look at the first page of results and many only look at the results toward the top of the first page.

So if your organization depends on people finding you in search engines, then you want to be on page ONE.   Achieving this will require search engine optimization and, optionally, Pay-Per-Click.  Pay-Per-Click is when you pay search engines for placement based on a specific keyword or phrase that people will search on.

The goal of search engine optimization is to place your website higher in the rankings of each search engine in order to increase traffic to your website.  The primary way search engines rank your site is through keyword searches for your web site.  Traffic is increased through search engine submittal, blogging, writing articles, and having others link to your website.

We provide a free starter package as part of our Non-Profit Website Solution through Web River Group, a recognized leader in Search Engine Optimization with high-end services and competitive pricing.  We can provide discounts through Web River Group for additional search engine optimization services upon request.

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